CTX Digital Elevation Models - Coprates Labes long runout landslide, Mars

2019-09-09T09:29:36Z (GMT) by Giulia Magnarini
CTX and HiRISE images, and CTX Stereo-Derived Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of the Coprates Labes long runout landslide in Valles Marineris, Mars. Dataset in the paper:

Longitudinal ridges imparted by high-speed granular flow mechanisms in martian landslides

by Magnarini, G., Mitchell T.M., Grindrod P.M., Goren L. and Schmitt H.H. (2019).

Nature Communications


The file 'Dataset_spreadsheet' contains file names of the images provided and the image pairs used to make stereo-derived digital elevation models.

For each image pair these products are provided:
- DEM_ImageNumber_resolution(m/px) ==> Digital Elevation Models
- ORTHO_ImageNumber_resolution(m/px) ==> orthoimage
- FOM_ImageNumber_resolution(m/px) ==> Figure of Merit
- HS_ImageNumber_resolution(m/px) ==> HillShade image

Files are for use with GIS packages.




CC BY-NC 4.0