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Processing Tools for HemeLB Simulations

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Version 2 2022-10-10, 09:18
Version 1 2022-10-06, 13:25
posted on 2022-10-10, 09:18 authored by Sharp C. Y. LoSharp C. Y. Lo

This repository contains the pre-processing and post-processing tools used in the simulations described in the referenced paper.

Here FiveExit and ProfundaFemoris2 refer to the five-outlets model and the profunda femoris model described in the paper, respectively.

The simulation cases studied are listed in the file experiments.csv in the corresponding sub-folders. For example, FiveExit_coarse refers to the simulations using the coarse grid and the five-outlets model.

The simulations described in the paper were performed using HemePure, a HemeLB version with improved memory, compilation and scaling. The input files for these simulations were generated by the Python script This script imports MyModules/ and reads experiments.csv and input_VfWKf.xml in the corresponding sub-folders, where the constant parameters for each simulation domain are provided in const_param.csv. To use this script, execute the command "python" with Python of version 3.6 or above.

The outputs of HemeLB were first processed using to obtain human-readable outputs. These outputs were analysed using The figures in the paper and its supplementary figures were generated using