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Architectural checklist to assess the quality of a psychiatric facility

posted on 2020-10-21, 08:18 authored by Evangelia ChrysikouEvangelia Chrysikou
This is a checklist that has been specifically developed for the classification of inpatient facilities for mentally ill people in terms of domesticity vs institutionalisation. Each building has been dissected into 212 traits. If the trait is similar to domestic buildings in the region then there is no score for that trait. If however, that particular trait is not similar with what happens in domestic buildings in the region then it acquires one institutional point. The more points a building accumulates, the higher it scores in an institutional vs domestic-looking comparison. This checklist has been adapted from an earlier checklist for environments for people with learning difficulties Robinson, Emmons and Graffs created the Architectural Checklist (1984) to assess whether or not the environment of a facility was institutional or homelike. More specifically, their checklist was formed to assess the context and the architectural environment of facilities for people with learning difficulties in Minnesota.
Here we have the completed checklists from five Acute Mental Health Wards in the UK and five Foyers de Post Cure in France. Each group included facilities with differences in terms of location and sitting, scale and building layout.


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H2020-MSCA-2014-EF (SEP - 210205396)

Scholarship from Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, for PhD studies at UCL