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CAP-2030 Nepal: Focus Group Discussions on youth citizen science about climate change and nutrition

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posted on 2023-02-21, 11:00 authored by Naomi SavilleNaomi Saville

 This qualitative dataset contains transcripts of 6 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) conducted with adolescent school students in Nepal about citizen science and climate change: 4 FGDs conducted in June 2022 in Jumla district in remote West Nepal and 2 FGDs conducted in May 2022 with in Kavre district in Central Nepal 2 hours’ drive from Kathmandu. The project was part of a CIFF-funded Children in All Policies 2030 (CAP2030).

The first two focus groups cover Jumla students’ pre-existing knowledge of and concerns about climate change, and their access to and experience of using a mobile devices.

The last 4 focus groups cover Jumla and Kavre students’ responses to the “CAP2030 Nepal” citizen science project where they had the opportunity to learn to collect data on mobile devices (tablets) about climate hazards (e.g., landslides, floods and failed crops), waste and water management, biodiversity in their locality, and diets and nutritional status of the local community.
One female facilitator facilitated the discussion in Nepali language, occasionally assisted by a male assistant. Data were audio recorded, transcribed into Nepali, and translated into English. They have been thematically analysed for the purpose of a publication "Citizen science for climate change resilience: engaging adolescents to study climate hazards, biodiversity and nutrition in rural Nepal" submitted to Wellcome Open Research in Feb 2023. The paper describes the citizen science project and the data generated. These qualitative data contribute to the qualitative section of the paper where quotes are provided. 


Child Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) R-2006-04807