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CAP-2030 Nepal: Nutritional dataset (anthropometry and dietary recall)

posted on 2023-04-25, 13:09 authored by Naomi SavilleNaomi Saville

The Stata data file "cap_dietary_combined.dta”   and equivalent excel file of the same name comprises nutrition-related data collected by adolescent secondary school students during a "Citizen Science"   project in the districts of Kavre and Jumla, Nepal during April to June 2022.   The project was part of a CIFF-funded Children in All Policies 2030 (CAP2030) project . 

The data were generated by the   students using a mobile device data collection form developed using   "Open Data Kit (ODK) Collect" electronic data collection platform   by Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) and University College London (UCL) for the   purposes of this study. The data collected were part of a learning exercise   for students to raise awareness of under- and over- nutrition and poor diets   in their locale. The form could be used to record 24-hour dietary recall of   different healthy food groups and unhealthy sentinel foods amongst children   under 5 years, older children and adolescents and adults. Height and weight   could also be recorded where stadiometers and weighing scales were available.   The form provided feedback to the data collector / respondent in terms of   saying what their dietary diversity and unhealthy eating scores were and   suggested what foods should be consumed for a healthy diet. In the case of   under- or over- nutrition a message appeared with dietary / health advice. Since   the students were using 10 android tablets to record information in and   around their schools, the dataset may contain several copies of the same   respondent recorded by different individuals, so should not be relied upon   for precise prevalence of nutritional status. Rather, the data serve to   demonstrate the potential of citizen science methods with Nepali school   students to record such information. 

The nutrition app and the process   of gathering the data are described in a paper entitled "Citizen science   for climate change resilience: engaging adolescents to study climate hazards,   biodiversity and nutrition in rural Nepal" submitted to Wellcome Open   Research in Feb 2023. The data contributed to Table 6, Figure 7 and Annex 6   of this paper.


Child Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) R-2006-04807


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