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CAP-2030 Nepal: Open Street Map tracker mapping dataset

posted on 2023-02-27, 13:27 authored by Naomi SavilleNaomi Saville

The Stata data file "jumla_kavre_osmtracker_merged.dta” and equivalent excel file of the same name comprises data on water, waste management and landmarks collected by adolescent secondary school students during a "Citizen Science"   project in the district of Kavre in the central hills of Nepal during April   2022 and in the district of Jumla in the remote mountains of West Nepal during June 2022. The project was part of a CIFF-funded Children in All   Policies 2030 (CAP2030) project.

The data were generated by the students   using an open access data collection and mapping application called Open   Street Map (OSM) tracker, which had been adapted with Nepali language prompts   by Researchers from Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL). Researchers from KLL and   University College London (UCL) trained the adolescents to record tracks and   way points of certain types of information including categories of waste   management (rubbish dumps/bins), water sources and public amenities. The   resulting datafile is a summary of the data collected showing the   latitude/longitude, name, and category of the type of location and the   district. The app and the process of gathering the data are described in a   paper entitled "Citizen science for climate change resilience: engaging   adolescents to study climate hazards, biodiversity and nutrition in rural   Nepal" submitted to Wellcome Open Research in Feb 2023. The data   contributed to Table 5, and Figure 4 of this paper.


Child Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) R-2006-04807