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COG-UK hospital-onset COVID-19 infection study dataset

These files comprise the publicly available data for the COG-UK hospital-onset COVID-19 infection study. The individual CSV files provided are:

- HOCI_public_dataset: Anonymized version of main study dataset, with one row per HOCI case included in the final analysis

- HOCI_public_varlist: Variable descriptions for main study dataset

- epi_data_combined: Weekly data on total SARS-CoV-2 +ve (cov_pos_epi) and -ve (cov_neg_epi) inpatients at each study site

-community_incidence_summary: Weekly local community incidence data for each study site, per 100,000 people per week, obtained from UK government testing dashboard and weighted according to outer postcodes of inpatients at each site.

Notes on anonymisation: HOCI_public_dataset is an anonymised version of the main HOCI study database. In order to fully anonymise individuals, and because the focus of the study was on infection control actions rather than patient outcomes, all individual-level patient demographic and clinical characteristics have been removed. Site and ward names have been changed to anonymized codes, and all free text fields have been removed as some of these contained unblinded details of hospitals and wards. All date fields have been removed, with study week of SARS-CoV-2 +ve test result for each HOCI case provided.

Notes on acronyms: In ‘HOCI_public_varlist’, the following acronyms are used:

AGP, aerosol-generating procedure

CR, contact restrictions

CT, contact tracing

DIPC, Director of IPC

HCAI, healthcare-associated infection

HCW, healthcare worker

IPC, infection prevention and control

SR, sequence report

SRO, sequence report output

QM, quality management