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CSF Nfl results CLN2 disease

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posted on 07.07.2021, 13:27 by Wendy Heywood, Katharina Iwan, Paul Gissen, Henrik Zetterberg, Amanda Heslegrave, Nina Patel, Mina Borisova, laura lee, Rebecca Bower, Sara Mole, Philippa Mills, Kevin Mills
Excel data set of longditudinal CSF Nfl measurments (pg/ml) for pediatric patients undergoing ERT.
The collection of samples for this study has ethical approval (13/LO/0168; IRAS ID 95005; London-Bloomsbury Research Ethics Committee) and Health Research Authority (HRA) approval and all participants provided informed written consent
CSF NfL protein concentration was measured on a Simoa HD-X analyser using the Simoa NF-light Advantage assay kit (Quanterix, Billerica, MA) after being diluted 100x.


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