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Cerebellar granule cell axons support high dimensional representations

posted on 2021-08-23, 15:50 authored by Frederic LanoreFrederic Lanore, Angus SilverAngus Silver, Cayco GajicCayco Gajic
This page provides the links to the raw data and analysis scripts for the figures in the following publication:

Lanore, F., Cayco-Gajic, N.A., Gurnani, H., Coyle, C., Silver, R.A. (2021). Cerebellar granule cell axons support high dimensional representations. Nature Neuroscience 24(8):1142-1150. doi: 10.1038/s41593-021-00873-x

In this study we used Acousto-Optic Lens (AOL) 3D two-photon microscopy to image large populations of granule cell axons (parallel fibres) in the cerebellar cortex of spontaneously behaving mice. We examined how different behavioral states and sensorimotor variables are represented in granule cell population activity. We characterized the manifold structure of the coding subspace and estimated dimensionality of the representations.

Main project page:

The fibre direction data is here:

Functional data after grouping is here:

The Metadata is here:
The code used for data processing and analysis can be found on

GitHub here:

Please cite the paper if you use this code in your research. For any questions, contact Alex Cayco-Gajic ( or Angus Silver (


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