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Code book of RTL visualization in Arabic News media

posted on 2024-07-03, 10:51 authored by Muna AlebriMuna Alebri, No ̈elle Rakotondravony, Lane Harrison

In this project, we aimed to map the visualisation design space of visualisation embedded in right-to-left (RTL) scripts. We aimed to expand our knowledge of visualisation design beyond the dominance of research based on left-to-right (LTR) scripts. Through this project, we identify common design practices regarding the chart structure, the text, and the source. We also identify ambiguity, particularly regarding the axis position and direction, suggesting that the community may benefit from unified standards similar to those found on web design for RTL scripts. To achieve this goal, we curated a dataset that covered 128 visualisations found in Arabic news media and coded these visualisations based on the chart composition (e.g., chart type, x-axis direction, y-axis position, legend position, interaction, embellishment type), text (e.g., availability of text, availability of caption, annotation type), and source (source position, attribution to designer, ownership of the visualisation design). Links are also provided to the articles and the visualisations. This dataset is limited for stand-alone visualisations, whether they were single-panelled or included small multiples. We also did not consider infographics in this project, nor any visualisation that did not have an identifiable chart type (e.g., bar chart, line chart). The attached documents also include some graphs from our analysis of the dataset provided, where we illustrate common design patterns and their popularity within our sample.