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Comparative Results of Modelica Buildings Library against EnergyPlus in the District Heating System Modelling

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posted on 2022-03-28, 10:25 authored by Guokai ChenGuokai Chen, Ivan KorolijaIvan Korolija, Dimitrios RovasDimitrios Rovas
This dataset was used to plot the figures in the paper of "Modelling of District Heating Systems: Comparative Evaluation of White-box Modelling Approaches" on the conference of CLIMA 2022.

The dataset includes:
1.Comparison of free-floating temperature of Case 1 in both Modelica Buildings library and EnergyPlus;
2. Heating demands of detached house 1 in Case 1 against Case 4 from two software;
3. Annual energy consumption of iterative cases from two software;
4. Heating system variables of Case 4 from two software;
5. Comparison of simulation time on two software.