Data and code for Figures for the article “Real-time 3D movement correction for two-photon imaging in behaving animals”

Code and data to generate figures found in Griffiths et al, 2020 "Real-time 3D movement correction for two-photon imaging in behaving animals". Simply download all the files and add them to you matlab path. You can then run the script corresponding to the figures of interest. Scripts are named plot_figure_#.m and will load data from the subfolder with the same name. More information is available in each script. For figures that used patch or volume imaging, the data provided usually corresponds to extracted data. When computing the performance of our Real Time 3D Movement Correction (RT-3DMC), we often use a metric called UDE (Uncorrected Displacement Error), which corresponds to an independent measurement of the remaining movement after RT-3DMC, as estimated by a subpixel registration algorithm [1]. The UDE values indicate how much residual movement is present (in the absence or presence of RT-3DMC) when the animal is behaving (running/licking/swimming).