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Data of craniopharyngioma management, recurrence and endocrine outcomes

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posted on 2020-03-26, 16:40 authored by Ziad HusseinZiad Hussein, Nigel Glynn, Niamh Martin, Akram Alkrekshi, Nigel Mendoza, Ramesh Nair, Katherine McCullough, Hani J. Marcus, Neil DorwardNeil Dorward, Joan Grieve, Naomi Fersht, Pierre-Marc BoulouxPierre-Marc Bouloux, Maralyn Druce, Stephanie Baldeweg

Craniopharyngiomas are neoplasms of the sellar and parasellar region which develop from the epithelium of the primordial craniopharyngeal canal (Rathke's pouch). Despite their WHO classification as type 1 tumours, craniopharyngiomas are associated with multiple comorbidities including hypopituitarism, obesity and somnolence

In this clinical study, we investigated the management and outcomes of a large cohort of patients with craniopharyngioma, both childhood and adult-onset, from three tertiary endocrine centres in the United Kingdom. The primary aim of this study was to examine temporal trends in the management of craniopharyngioma and their impact on long-term patient’s endocrine function.


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