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Data underlying Figure 1 in the paper 'Topological states in honeycomb arrays of implanted acceptors in semiconductors'

posted on 2023-02-27, 12:55 authored by Andrew FisherAndrew Fisher

FIg 1(a): each line consists of a list of comma-separated 8-tuples corresponding to the eight eigenvalues of the tight-binding Hamiltonian at a particular k-point.  The eigenvalues are given on an array of 573 k-points uniformly spaced along the path Gamma-M-K-Gamma in the Brillouin zone, and then in an outermost loop the anistropy parameter delta is varied from 0.0 to 1.0 in steps of 0.2 (six values in all).

Fig 1(b): CSV file with each line contatining 96 comma-separated eigenvalues for the 24-atom wide strip with an armchair edge.  The 2001 rows correspond to an array of k-points in the edge direction equally spaced from -pi to pi with an increment pi/1000.


Atomically Deterministic Doping and Readout For Semiconductor Solotronics (ADDRFSS)

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