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Fostering resilient recovery with music: Intervention data from disaster-affected students

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posted on 2024-03-13, 10:42 authored by Helene JoffeHelene Joffe, Elinor ParrottElinor Parrott

In this project, we aimed to design a culturally-appropriate, age-appropriate, engaging and simultaneously evidence-based intervention for teenagers who had experienced a potentially traumatic earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia in 2018. Drawing on data collected from the teenagers, views of local experts and intervention principles used in similar sociocultural settings, we devised a one-day workshop to foster resilience using collective narrative storytelling, breathing exercises and song creation. Thirty-four 14-16 year old girls from three school sites in the disaster affected region took part. The data shared is the result of pre- and post- intervention surveys of resilience related measures. This includes 1) baseline data, 2) a two month follow up and a 3) one year follow up