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Geomagnetic Storm List for 2012 - 2018

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posted on 2020-01-07, 13:39 authored by Jasmine Sandhu, Jonathan Rae, Maria-Theresia Walach
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Using observations of the Sym-H index, the dataset provides the date and time for the start of the initial phase, start of the main phase, start of the recovery phase, and the end of the recovery phase for each identified storm. The minimum Sym-H index value during the storm is also provided. 
The method used to derive the storm list is detailed in full by Walach & Grocott [2019]. In brief, this method identifies a storm as a period where the Sym-H index passes below a threshold of -80 nT. The end of the recovery phase is marked as the time of the minimum Sym-H value. The start of the main phase and the end of the recovery phase are defined as the times immediately prior and after the minimum in Sym-H index where the Sym-H index reaches a threshold of -15 nT. The start of the main phase is determined by identifying where the Sym-H index value reaches a maximum and marking the time immediately prior when the Sym-H index crosses a threshold of -15 nT.
The Sym-H index is available from
This storm list is used in Sandhu et al. "Challenging the Use of Ring Current Indices During Geomagnetic Storms" (Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, submitted).