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Grids for Photopic, Mesopic and Scotopic Microperimetry in the MP3-S device

posted on 2024-02-05, 15:49 authored by Thales Antônio Cabral De GuimarãesThales Antônio Cabral De Guimarães

These are the grids we propose for performing sequential photopic, mesopic and scotopic in the MP3-S microperimetry device (Nidek, Gamagori, Japan). The name of the specific configuration and grids we have used herein is MGT020 followed by the modality (MGT020 Photo, Meso or Scoto).

All these .xml files can be imported directly to the device via the Pattern Editor in the NAVIS-EX software.

The testing configurations we used are as follows:

For the purposes of this protocol, we developed two custom grids: a 32-point grid to be used for photopic and mesopic, and another 28-point grid to be used in scotopic testing. Both grids test the central 10 degrees of the macula (10-2).

In photopic and mesopic testing, a Goldmann size III stimulus with 200 ms duration was used in a 4-2 strategy, on a background luminance of 31.4 asb (9.99 cd/m²) for photopic, and 4 asb (1.27 cd/m²) for mesopic. The fixation target was a 1-degree size red cross. The dynamic range of the device in these modalities is 34 dB.

In scotopic testing, the grid is composed of 28 points – the same 32 points used in mesopic/photopic testing minus the four positions within 2 degrees of the fovea (rod-free zone; marked as points 1, 9, 17 and 25 in Figure 1A). A Goldmann size V stimulus with 200 ms duration in a 4-2 strategy, and a background luminance of 0.003 asb (0.0009 cd/m²) was used. The dynamic range of the device in scotopic setting is 24 dB.


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