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HEGP Challenge Dataset 1

Version 2 2020-10-09, 09:33
Version 1 2020-08-13, 11:48
posted on 2020-10-09, 09:33 authored by Richard MottRichard Mott, Pjotr Prins
Encrypted Dataset #1 for the HEGP Challenge, see for more details.

Dataset comprises encrypted genotypes of 500 subjects at 12,359 SNPs,

IMPORTANT Update 09/10/2020

Data have been replaced with final versions to be used in the actual challenge - DON'T USE THE INITIAL VERSION of the data in file ciphertext1.RData as this is not correct.

The new files and their MD5 checksums, are:

challenge1.ciphertext.RData 82f2f6bf027d185e095db7e571e50a67

challenge1.ciphertext.txt 148ce09c6dfc878af09874c090a7bd64

The two datasets contain the same data (encrypted genotypes) in different file formats, namely RData and text.

These data are also available from