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Head and Neck Cancer Multivariate Blood Data

posted on 2021-10-25, 11:09 authored by Paul BarberPaul Barber, Fabian Flores-Borja, Giovanna Alfano, Kenrick Ng, Gregory Weitsman, Luigi Dolcetti, Rami Mustapha, Felix Wong, Jose M Vicencio Bustamante, Myria Galazi, James Opzoomer, James Arnold, Shahram Kordasti, Jana Doyle, Jon Greenberg, Magnus Dillon, Kevin Harrington, Martin ForsterMartin Forster, Ton Coolen, Tony NgTony Ng
Data for the September 2021 submission to eLife. This is the source data for multivariate regression. Progression free survival outcome.

Blood samples from 56 HNSCC patients were prospectively obtained within a Phase 2 clinical trial (NCT02633800), before and after the first treatment cycle of platinum-based chemotherapy, to identify biological covariates predictive of outcome.

The baseline dataset contained 42 covariates (29 laboratory parameters at baseline, C1, and 13 clinical characteristics). The second, a combined predictive dataset, consists of 71 covariates, i.e. the 42 baseline covariates and a further 29 derived from the change in lab-based parameters between C1 and C2, measured by log fold change (LFC) of the variable of interest.

Drug: 1 = patient was given Patritumab, 0 = drug was not given
Age: Patient age in years at baseline
Sex: 1 = Female, 0 = Male
Site: one-hot encoded site of primary cancer
Prev.Cetux: Cetuximab given previously
HPV.status: 1 = positive
Hereg.status: 1 = positive
Smoking: 2 = Current, 1 = Ex smoker, 0 = Never smoked


Identification of Non-Invasive Treatment Stratification and Longitudinal Monitoring Markers for Patritumab/Cetuximab Combination Therapy - Daiichi Sankyo Inc

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