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How Extinction Rebellion Activists and the General Public Understand Environmental Morality: the Temporal Evidence From N1, P2, N2, LPP, and Slow Wave ERPs

posted on 2023-03-06, 11:25 authored by Laura Zaikauskaite, Liam BarrettLiam Barrett, Xena Liu

The 2-arousal (low, high) x 2-group (Extinction Reellion, general public) EEG experiment tests how Extinction Rebellion activists and the general public process the image stimuli depicting environmental destruction.

Dataset contains 

1. Image acquisition study with final set of 30 environmental low arousal, 30 environmental high aousal, and 60 neutral images (fillers), as well as experimental protocol and behavioural data.

2. EEG study contains 37 EEG files, behavioural data, psychopy scripts, events list, and experimental protocol.


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