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Iceland rivers Li isotope ratios

posted on 2023-06-23, 12:41 authored by Philip Pogge Von StrandmannPhilip Pogge Von Strandmann, Lara Cosford, Chun LiuChun Liu, Xianyi LiuXianyi Liu, Alex KrauseAlex Krause, David WilsonDavid Wilson, Xiaoqing He, Alex McCoy-West, Sigurdur Gislason, Kevin Burton

Data tables for a paper submitted to GCA in 2023 "Assessing hydrological and weathering controls on the lithium isotope tracer"

The data tables show riverine and sediment leachate data from riverine in Iceland. In particular, Li isotope ratios, as well as trace element concentrations, have been measured.

The samples were collected in July 2017. In the field, samples were generally collected from the centre of the river flow, mainly from bridges, in pre-cleaned containers. Locations were determined by the presence of flow gauges.

Concentrations were measured by ion chromatography and ICP-MS. Li isotope ratios were measured by multi-collector ICP-MS. 


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