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Impacts_temperatures_global yields_up_to_2012_code+data

posted on 2020-09-02, 09:01 authored by Paolo Agnolucci, Chrysanthi RaptiChrysanthi Rapti, Peter Alexander, Vincenzo De LipsisVincenzo De Lipsis, Robert Holland, Felix Eigenbrod, Paul EkinsPaul Ekins

This repository contains the code and the data required to estimate the models presented in the paper

Agnolucci, Rapti, Alexander, De Lipsis, Holland, Eigenbrod and Ekins (2020) Impacts of rising temperatures and farm management practices on global yields of 18 crops.

There are two sets of datasets:

1. those named as Yield.RData are used in the estimation of the selected models in "1 FinalModels - NatureFood.R"

2. those named as .RData are used in the production of Figure 2 carried out in "2 Figure 2.R". These figures also use inputs stored in three Excel spreadsheets: 1) crop_inputs_v3.xlsx; 2) Crop_ME_Malnourishment.xlsx; 3) Crop_yield_ME.xlsx


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