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Kuyruktobe monument, Otrar Oasis, aerial photography of 2016 and digital derivatives

posted on 2023-04-27, 07:57 authored by Gai JorayevGai Jorayev

Kuyryktobe Archaeological Site is one of the largest archaeological sites with urban remains in the Otrar oasis. The site is believed to be the medieval city of Keder, which was the capital of Farab (Otrar) district in 10th-1th centuries CE.

Also known as: Kuyruktobe, Құйрықтөбе, Средневековое городище Куйруктобе, Keder.

Coordinates – decimal degrees: Latitude: 42.8538275, Longitude: 68.2529712       

CAAL-ID: Mon_KZ_IICAS1-003387                                                      

Extensive excavations in the second half of the 20th century revealed a wide chronology from 6th to early 13th centuries CE.

Aerial photographs presented here were collected by Gai (Gaygysyz) Jorayev from UCL Institute of Archaeology in May, 2016, as part of archaeological research in the Otrar Oasis, undertaken jointly by UCL Centre for Applied Archaeology and Archaeological Expertise LLP (Kazakhstan) and supported by UCL Qatar, Margulan Institute of Archaeology and Otrar State Archaeological Reserve Museum. Data was processed and published by Gai Jorayev in 2023.

The dataset here includes:

- 4 photographs from May, 2016;

- 541 aerial photographs uploaded as one Zip archive;

- Two processing reports in PDF format explaining the details of processing and generation of the derivatives in two different software packages;

- Two Digital Orthomosaics and two Digital Spatial Models in TIFF format to be viewed and analysed in GIS software; one set was processed in 2021 and one in 2023;

- PDF file for preview showing 2021 processing results;

- 3D mesh in OBJ format and texture as Zip archive, to be downloaded and viewed with 3D software such as MeshLab. 3D mesh is also made available on external platform (Sketchfab) with link provided below.