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Lake Tanganyika eDNA Metabarcoding Study: Illumina MiSeq Raw Sequence Data

Raw sequence data for three Illumina Miseq runs that were used within:

Doble C. J, Hipperson H, Salzburger W, Horsburgh G, Mwita C, Murrell D. J and Day J. J. (Accepted) Testing the performance of environmental DNA metabarcoding for surveying highly diverse tropical fish communities: A case study from Lake Tanganyika. Environmental DNA

Environmental DNA samples collected from Lake Tanganyika were amplified with four separate primer sets: 12S-V5, MiFish-U for the 2X150bp original run, Cichlid_CR and 16s_Teleo for 2X150bp original run, and Cichlid_CR only for the 2X250bp additional run. For further information on the sequence data see paper and SEQ_DATA_INFO.xlsx