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Lattice-Brusselator kinetic Monte Carlo simulation: merged output

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posted on 2023-04-19, 15:16 authored by Michail Stamatakis

Merged dataset from a kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the lattice-based Brusselator model, performed using software Zacros (; v3.00dev, commit hash a620e1a56ec45622488646bf85e9bf18d06753b8). The simulation was performed on HPC facility Thomas@UCL using 625 MPI processes, from 14-May-2021 to 4-Jul-2021 (the simulation was restarted 24 times during this period, to address cluster walltime restrictions). All individual trajectories of the 625 MPI processes were combined for the history, lattice, process statistics and species output. The dataset is provided as a compressed rar file containing plain text files.


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