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Lattice-Brusselator kinetic Monte Carlo simulation: raw data

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posted on 2023-04-19, 15:05 authored by Michail Stamatakis

Raw input/output data from a kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the lattice-based Brusselator model, performed using software Zacros (; v3.00dev, commit hash a620e1a56ec45622488646bf85e9bf18d06753b8). The simulation was performed on HPC facility Thomas@UCL using 625 MPI processes, from 14-May-2021 to 4-Jul-2021 (the simulation was restarted 24 times during this period, to address cluster walltime restrictions). The simulation reproduces spiral wave formation from initial conditions that result in a "broken" wavefront. The dataset is provided as a compressed rar file containing plain text files.


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