Lithium-ion Battery INR18650 MJ1 3D X-ray CT Data: NMC811 Cathode vs Graphite-Silicon Anode Full-Cell (EIL-016)

3D data on an 18650 Li-ion Battery Full-Cell with Nickel-Rich NMC811 Cathode and Graphite-Silicon Anode

Collected using Nikon XT H225 (Nikon Metrology, Inc. U.S.A.).

Accelerating tube voltage of 170 kVp.

Polychromatic beam with a characteristic emission peak of 58 keV (W-Kα).

One scan with 2278 X-ray radiograph projections, with a 1 second exposure time per projection.

The raw radiographs can be made available upon request.

The radiographs were then reconstructed using commercial software employing cone-beam filtered back-projection algorithms ((‘CT Pro 3D’,Nikon Metrology, Inc. U.S.A.),producing an isotropic voxel length of 36 um.

The reconstructed volume produced one tomogram of the entire cell assembly (EIL-016.tif).