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Lithium-ion Battery INR18650 MJ1 3D X-ray CT Data: NMC811 Cathode vs Graphite-Silicon Anode Lower Electrode Assembly (EIL-008)

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3D data on an 18650 Li-ion Battery Electrode Assembly with Nickel-Rich NMC811 Cathode and Graphite-Silicon Anode

X-ray micro-computed tomography of the bottom of an 18650 cell.

Collected using a Zeiss Xradia 520 Versa, Carl Zeiss., CA, USA.

Accelerating tube voltage of 120 kVp.

Stationary tungsten anode on a copper substrate.

Polychromatic beam with a characteristic emission peak at 58 keV (W-Kα).

4500 X-ray radiograph projections collected.

10 second exposure per projection.

The per-reconstruction data can be available upon request from - request data 'EIL-004'

This is one of four datasets obtained from the same cell, see also: EIL-005.tif, EIL-006.tif & EIL-007.tif.

Reconstructed using commercial software (‘Reconstructor Scout-and-Scan’, Carl Zeiss., CA, U.S.A.).

Isotropic voxel length of 10.4 µm in all four datasets.