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Lithium-ion Battery INR18650 MJ1 3D X-ray CT Data: NMC811 Cathode vs Graphite-Silicon Anode Lower Electrode Assembly (EIL-008)

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posted on 2020-05-21, 16:47 authored by Thomas Heenan, Anmol JnawaliAnmol Jnawali, Matt Kok, Thomas Tranter, Chun Tan, Alexander DimitrijevicAlexander Dimitrijevic, Rhodri JervisRhodri Jervis, Dan BrettDan Brett, Paul ShearingPaul Shearing
3D data on an 18650 Li-ion Battery Electrode Assembly with Nickel-Rich NMC811 Cathode and Graphite-Silicon Anode

X-ray micro-computed tomography of the bottom of an 18650 cell.

Collected using a Zeiss Xradia 520 Versa, Carl Zeiss., CA, USA.

Accelerating tube voltage of 120 kVp.

Stationary tungsten anode on a copper substrate.

Polychromatic beam with a characteristic emission peak at 58 keV (W-Kα).

4500 X-ray radiograph projections collected.

10 second exposure per projection.

The per-reconstruction data can be available upon request from - request data 'EIL-004'

This is one of four datasets obtained from the same cell, see also: EIL-005.tif, EIL-006.tif & EIL-007.tif.

Reconstructed using commercial software (‘Reconstructor Scout-and-Scan’, Carl Zeiss., CA, U.S.A.).

Isotropic voxel length of 10.4 µm in all four datasets.