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MS 3972B Sloane Manuscript XML

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posted on 2020-09-18, 10:13 authored by Julianne NyhanJulianne Nyhan, Alexandra Ortolja-Baird, Kim Sloan, Victoria Pickering, Martha Fleming
A digital edition of Sloane MS 3972B of folios listing manuscript material removed from 3972C. This resource has been designed for free consultation in association with the Sloane Consortium of UK national institutions which hold the original manuscript catalogue documents and related collections of Sir Hans Sloane. All content is reproducible as long as the source is indicated by referencing the publication and the name of the institutional owner of the original catalogue manuscript -- in this case The British Library. An article outlining the research considerations and decision making processes guiding the
marking up of the Sloane collection catalogues in the framework of the Enlightenment Architectures project can be found at Ortolja-Baird, A., Pickering, V., Nyhan, J., Sloan, K. and Fleming, M., 2019. ‘Digital Humanities in the Memory Institution: The Challenges of Encoding Sir Hans Sloane’s Early Modern Catalogues of His Collections.’ Open Library of Humanities, 5(1), p.44. DOI: The raw transcriptions from digital images of the original manuscripts were commissioned by the Enlightenment Architectures project from the AEL Data company. These transcriptions were then fully compared, checked and corrected against the original documents by the research team that is also responsible for the complete TEI markup of the transcriptions. The Digital Edition of the file can be found on the Reconstructing Sloane website:


Leverhulme Trust Project Grant 2016-21


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