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posted on 2021-07-15, 12:48 authored by Cayco GajicCayco Gajic, Frederic LanoreFrederic Lanore, Angus SilverAngus Silver
The Metadata files contain metadata and behavioural data. The variables are:
• acquisition_rate is a scalar describing the acquisition rate in Hz.
• Pixel_size is a scalar describing the size of each pixel in microns.
• Numb_patches is a scalar describing the number of patches in the experiment.
• Patch_coordinates is a structure containing coordinate information about each patch. is a matrix in which each row represents a patch, and columns 5, 6, and 7 represent the X, Y, and Z positions (respectively) of that patch.
• SpeedDataMatrix and SpeedTimeMatrix are vectors containing the wheel speed time series and times from the wheel encoder.
• dlc_whisk_angle and dlc_whisk_time are vectors containing the whisking angle time series and times as determined via DeepLabCut.
• wheel_MI is a matrix whose second column contains the wheel motion index time series as determined from the wheel cameras and whose second column contains the corresponding times.
Note that this file may also contain variables extracted by now obsolete methods which were not included by the analysis in the paper (e.g., Whiskers_angle_0 for old whisker position detection, Axon_dFF for old grouping procedure). You can ignore these.