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Mouse frontal cortex mediates additive multisensory decisions

This is the pre-processed data used to generate the figures from Coen, Sit, et al, Neuron-2023. The code to generate the figures in this paper, as well as further information about the data itself, can be found here:

In brief, the data include:

1) Behavioural responses and timings for mice performing an audiovisual task.

2) Trial information and coordinates for cases where different regions of dorsal cortex were inactivated during task performance.

3) Pre-processed (spike sorting and manual curation) neural data from frontal cortex 6 in mice during task performance and passive viewing.

4) Histological records for mice with electrophysilogy


Organization of large neuronal populations during behavior

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Transforming brain recordings with next-generation probes

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Large-scale analysis of neuronal population activity

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Brainwide neural populations supporting multisensory decision-making

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