Neuroprotection by remote ischaemic conditioning in the setting of acute ischaemic stroke: a preclinical two-centre study (data repository)

The dataset includes the data obtained from the MRI and histologic (triphenil tetrazolium chloride, TTC) analyses of the brains of rats included in the study. In addition, it includes neuroscores of these animals at the and of the recovery period.
H0 - baseline
H24 - 24 hours
ADC - apparent diffusion coefficient
HH - healthy hemisphere
AAR - area at risk (of infarction)
LVu - lesion volume uncorrected (MRI)
LVc - lesion volume corrected (MRI)
Gerriets - Gerriets' correction applied
HLVu - hemispheric lesion volume uncorrected (MRI)
HLVc - hemispheric lesion volume corrected (MRI)
HSE - hemispheric space-modifying effect of oedema (MRI)
TTCu - hemispheric lesion volume uncorrected (TTC)
MRA - magnetic resonance angiography