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Primary studies evaluating school lotteries: data used for the meta-analysis of the effect of schools under these admission policies on student academic outcomes

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posted on 2020-04-06, 11:53 authored by Constanza Gonzalez ParraoConstanza Gonzalez Parrao

The file consists of three spreadsheets. This first one is the dataset. It contains information extracted from primary studies that were part of the quantitative synthesis of a systematic review of school randomised admissions.

The second tab is the codebook, including a brief description of each variable extracted or assessed from the primary studies, and its corresponding values.

The third sheet shows the APA bibliographic reference and access link for each of the primary studies included in the meta-analysis.

These data were used for one of the research chapters of the author's PhD thesis, available here


ESRC Studentship, Advance Quantitative Methods cluster, UBEL Doctoral Training Partnership

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