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Priority effects and the macroevolutionary dynamics of biodiversity: Raw output of the simulation models

posted on 2021-04-13, 09:01 authored by Bouwe Reijenga, David MurrellDavid Murrell, Alex PigotAlex Pigot
All RData files for the realisations of the IS, SC and RS models under different conditions (e.g. parameters and modelling decisions). Each individual file contains one single simulation run, which contents are further detailed in the 'run_model/1_call_script.R' of the code archive. Analyses of, for instance, phylogenetic imbalance, speciation rates, and other temporal and spatial patterns can be repeated using these files. Note that for plotting purposes only, the simulations are not require as output of the analyses has been included in the 'code' archive. Further specifics on the simulations included can be found in the readme.txt file within and the Appendix of the manuscript.

Reijenga B.R, Murrell D. M, Pigot A. L. (Accepted) Priority effects and the macroevolutionary dynamics of biodiversity, Ecology Letters


Royal Society Research Fellowship