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Raw data for eight-probe Neuropixels recordings in the mouse brain

This repository contains the raw data from 8-probe Neuropixels recordings in the mouse brain, as described in this paper:

C. Stringer, M. Pachitariu, C. Bai Reddy, M. Carandini, K. D. Harris, Spontaneous behaviors drive multidimensional, brainwide activity. Science 364, 255 (2019).

Electrophysiological recordings were performed from each of three mice (named Krebs, Robbins, and Waksman) with eight Neuropixels 1.0 probes simultaneously. 

This repository contains:

  • raw electrophysiological traces in the high-frequency "AP band" 
  • raw electrophysiological traces in the low-pass filtered "LFP band";
  • movies of the face and of the eye; 
  • details of the visual stimuli presented to the mice;
  • synchronization information between these datasets;
  • output of spike sorting (these have not been manually reviewed and should be reviewed before use). 

For details on the experimental preparation, see the aforementioned paper (Stringer, Pachitariu, et al, Science 2019).

The traces in the "AP band" were losslessly compressed using mtscomp algorithm available here: 

For details about the behavior videos, or to download these separately, see:

For details about the LFP data, or to download it separately, see:

For information about probe locations in CCF coordinates, see:

For the spiking data used in Stringer, Pachitariu, et al 2019, which are carefully curated spike sorting results from a subset of each recording (containing spontaneous activity but not visual stimulus periods), see:


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