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Research data for "Disordered monitored free fermions"

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posted on 2023-10-09, 12:01 authored by Marcin SzyniszewskiMarcin Szyniszewski, Oliver Lunt, Arijeet PalArijeet Pal

Includes the code and research data used to generate all figures in the article "Disordered monitored free fermions".

The programs are written in C++ and can be used to calculate entanglement entropy, connected correlation functions, and single-particle wave functions in a monitored quantum circuit with free fermions in a disordered field. Compilation is described in the README file.

The data includes averages in time of: entanglement entropy, central charge, connected correlation functions and envelopes of single-particle orbitals. Each dataset is named after the corresponding figure from the article and is stored in a text file.


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