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River Thames eDNA temporal metabarcoding study: Illumina MiSeq Raw Sequence data

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posted on 2023-09-06, 11:22 authored by Jane Hallam, Elizabeth Clare, John Iwan JonesJohn Iwan Jones, Julia DayJulia Day

The file "Temporal_eDNA_GC-EC-9225.tar.gz" contains raw sequencing metabarcoding data of Thames fish communities. These are 12S data generated using MiFish-U primers (Miya et al., 2015) for 576 filtered water samples collected from two sites from the Thames Basin, London, U.K. Site 1. River Lee (freshwater) and site 2. Richmond Lock, Thames River (tidal). Samples were collected over a year (2019), sampling a minimum of every week providing a detailed temporal dataset.

For further information on the generation of sequence data see the published paper.

Hallam J, Clare EL, Jones JI, Day JJ. (accepted) Fine-scale environmental DNA metabarcoding provides rapid and effective monitoring of fish community dynamics. Environmental DNA 


NERC NE/L002485/1

The Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust


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