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River Thames eDNA temporal metabarcoding study: Results from data filtering

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posted on 2023-10-31, 10:59 authored by Jane Hallam, Elizabeth Clare, John Iwan JonesJohn Iwan Jones, Julia DayJulia Day

Sequencing results from filtering raw sequence data from environmental DNA metabarcoding samples of River Thames fish communities.

Samples were collected from two sites during 2019 over 12 months from the Thames Basin, London, U.K., sampling a minimum of every week. Site 1. River Lee (freshwater) and site 2. Richmond Lock, Thames River (tidal). Samples were amplified with the primer set MiFish-U. 

The file is an Excel workbook of the sequencing results from filtering the raw sequence data (file "Temporal_eDNA_GC-EC-9225.tar.gz") through the pipeline DADA2: providing ASV IDs, sample and ASV table with readcounts, and fish names.

For further information on filtering settings see the published paper.

Hallam J, Clare EL, Jones JI, Day JJ. (2023) Fine-scale environmental DNA metabarcoding provides rapid and effective monitoring of fish community dynamics. Environmental DNA. DOI:10.1002/edn3.486


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