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Rocket atmospheric impact - Emissions Inventory and Results

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posted on 2022-05-18, 10:02 authored by Robert Ryan, Eloise MaraisEloise Marais
Excel spreadsheet containing details of 2019 rocket launch emissions inventory included in GEOS-Chem simulations, including references used to compile the inventory.

Individual rocket launches in 2019 are itemized by geolocation, time, rocket fuel types and emissions of different stages. In addition, this dataset contains time and geolocation information of re-entries of space junk, reusable rocket components and discarded launch parts.

NetCDF files contain GEOS-Chem simulation results for radiative forcing and species concentration changes after a decade of emissions growth and for the space tourism scenario. Specifically, the species concentrations and radiative forcing values presented are the difference: (Simulation including rocket emissions) minus (Simulation without rocket emissions).

Key units:
Radiative forcing units are in W m-2
Species concentrations units are mixing ratio mol mol-1

Metadata information:

GEOS-Chem version for the simulations presented in this dataset: v12.9.3 which is available at


Fundamental understanding of reactive nitrogen in the global upper troposphere

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