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Simulating Focused Ultrasound Transducers using Discrete Sources on Regular Cartesian Grids

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posted on 2022-06-06, 08:09 authored by Elly MartinElly Martin, Yan To Ling, Bradley TreebyBradley Treeby

This data was collected in order to validate models of curved sources on cartesian grids.

A single element spherically focusing ultrasound transducer (H101 at 1.1 MHz, Sonic Concepts) was used to generate an acoustic field. Measurements were performed with a 0.2 mm PVDF needle hydrophone (Precision Acoustics) to characterise the source under quasi continuous wave and short burst conditions. These measurements include planar scans in the prefocal region for the two driving regimes, and axial scans at the same drive level for both drive regimes. There are additional axial scans at one further higher drive level (very weakly nonlinear) for each of the driving regimes which were acquired for comparison with the model with scaled input source amplitude.

All measurements were acquired using an automated scanning tank filled with degassed, deionised water. The transducers mounted in a fixed xyz position with automated tilt, rotate adjustment. Hydrophones were mounted on an automated xyz stage, with manual tilt, rotate adjustment.

In total this study contains 6 datasets contained in one file, the corresponding figure or table in the paper is given in brackets:

1: Planar scan with 45 cycle burst (qCW) at z = 42.5 mm, linear field

2: Axial scan 45 cycle burst (qCW), linear field (conditions as in 1), Fig 8, 9.

3: Axial scan 45 cycle burst (qCW), weakly nonlinear field, Fig 8, 9.

4: Planar scan with 4 cycle burst at z = 42.5 mm, linear field

5: Axial scan 4 cycle burst, linear field (conditions as in 4), Fig 10, 11.

6. Axial scan 4 cycle burst, weakly nonlinear field, Fig 10, 11.


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