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Sokuluk archaeological site in Chuy valley, Kyrgyz Republic / Городище Сокулук [CAAL_ID: Mon_KG_MC-001852]

posted on 2023-03-14, 10:36 authored by CAAL UCL, Gai JorayevGai Jorayev

Sokuluk site (Сокулук; Городище Сокулук) is one of the best-known medieval monuments of Chuy Valley in Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan). It is located around 12 km to the west from the capital city Bishkek. The period of occupation of the Sokuluk site is believed to be 7th-8th century – early 13th century CE. Archaeological finds from the site are presented in the National Museum of History of Kyrgyz Republic, and 1941 findings from the site were used by A. N. Bernshtam to establish an archaeological periodisation of settled medieval culture of the region.  

Coordinates: Decimal degrees: Latitude: 42.87067 Longitude: 74.28017 (CAAL_ID: Mon_KG_MC-001852).

Aerial photographs and derivatives presented here were collected in 2020 as part of the UCL’s Central Asian Archaeological Landscape project (UCL CAAL) to create a baseline record for archaeological monuments of the region. The work is done by CAAL project researchers, and data is processed and presented by Gai Jorayev who is also a point of contact for data related enquiries. 

The dataset here includes:

- 5 photographs of the site from October 2020;

- 417 aerial photographs uploaded as one Zip archive;

- Digital orhtomosaic (Ground Sampling Distance is 2.36 cm/pixel) and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (Ground Sampling Distance is 9.42 cm/pixel) in TIFF format to be viewed and analysed in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software; these are also presented as one PDF file for preview; 

- Processing report in PDF format that details the parameters of generating the DEM and Orhtomosaic here;