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Master Data BMC Urology Cytokines in OAB Source data.xlsx (75.56 kB)

Source data for the publication “A prospective observational study of urinary cytokines and inflammatory response in patients with Overactive Bladder syndrome"

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posted on 2020-12-15, 09:59 authored by Kiren GillKiren Gill, Harry HorsleyHarry Horsley, Sheela Swamy, Rajvinder KhasriyaRajvinder Khasriya, James Malone-Lee

This raw dataset shows differences in urinary cytokines IL6 and lactoferrin in OAB patients compared to controls, with references to microscopy of urine and enhanced quantitative urine culture. Data demonstrate an inflammatory response in OAB. Therefore, the OAB phenotype may encompass patients with UTI that is being overlooked because of the failure of standard screening methods.


Whittington health NHS small grant award