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Supplementary Table 1: Absolute age estimates for archaeolgical contexts in eastern Wallacea

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posted on 2023-04-20, 08:56 authored by Ceri ShiptonCeri Shipton, Shimona Kealy, Sue O’Connor

Supplementary Table 1 for:

Pleistocene and early Holocene occupation on the eastern Wallacean islands

In the Oxford Handbook of Island and Coastal Archaeology

This table is comprised of archaeological context information, raw results, and Bayesian modelled ages for radiocarbon and optically stiumulated luminescence dates for one site on Kisar (Here Sorort Entapa), nine sites on Timor (Asitau Kuru; Bui Ceri Uato; Bui Ceri Uato Mane; Lene Hara; Lie Siri; Matja Kuru 1; Matja Kuru 2; Uai Bobo 1; and Uai Bobo 2), two sites on Rote (Lua Meko and Manggetek), two sites on Alor (Tron Bon Lei and Makpan), one site on Flores (Liang Bua), two sites on Gebe (Golo and Wetef), one site on Obi (Kelo 6), and one site in the Talauds (Leang Sarru).


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