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Th17 cell master transcription factor RORC2 regulates HIV-1 gene expression and viral outgrowth

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posted on 2021-11-12, 15:26 authored by Ariberto FassatiAriberto Fassati, Petronela Ancuta
Source data files for Figures 1 to 7 and Supporting Information Figures 1 to 10. Methodological details are provided in the original paper and supplementary Methods


Neomed/GSK (to AF and PA), the EU HEALTH-F3-2012-305137 HIVINNOV grant (to AF), the Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise Team Grant (CanCURE 1.0) funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health (CIHR) in partnership with CANFAR and IAS (CanCURE 1.0; # HIG-133050 to PA); The Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise Team Grant (CanCURE 2.0) funded by the CIHR CIHR (#HB2-164064, and PJT #153052 to PA and and CIHR # MOP 103230 and PTJ 166049 to JPR). TRWS and DP received doctoral fellowships from the Université de Montréal and Fonds de Recherche en Santé Québec (FRQ-S)