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The DICE-Africa inventory of pollutant emissions from diffuse and inefficient anthropogenic combustion sources in Africa

posted on 2021-05-18, 12:42 authored by Eloise MaraisEloise Marais, Christine Wiedinmyer
Gridded 2D emissions of air pollutant precursors from anthropogenic diffuse and inefficient combustion emissions in Africa for 2006 and 2013. Data are annual emissions at 0.1 deg x 0.1 deg. Emitted species are mapped to those used in the GEOS-Chem chemical transport model.

The methods and data sources used to develop the inventory are detailed in the peer-reviewed publication. Additional updates have been applied to the data set hosted here to address errors in the inventory identified after the paper was published. These include a calculation error in the emissions from charcoal production for all emitted species and in the organic carbon emission factor used to estimate emissions from cars.


South African National Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Schlumberger Faculty for the Future Postdoctoral Fellowship

U.S. National Science Foundation (1211668)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency STAR (83542401)