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The TAWOS dataset

TAWOS (Peacock in Farsi and Arabic) is a dataset of agile open-source software project issues mined from Jira repositories including many descriptive features (raw and derived). The dataset aims to be all-inclusive, making it well-suited to several research avenues, and cross-analyses therein. This dataset is described and presented in the paper "A Versatile Dataset of Agile Open Source Software Projects" authored by Vali Tawosi, Afnan Al-Subaihin, Rebecca Moussa and Federica Sarro. The paper is accepted at the 2022 Mining Software Repositories (MSR) conference. Citation information will be available soon. For further information please refer to "https://github.com/SOLAR-group/TAWOS".


ERC advanced fellowship grant 741278: Evolutionary Program Improvement Collaborators (EPIC)


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