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Two-cohort (Cambridge and EUGENDA) GWAS meta-analyses of FHR-4 and FH levels

posted on 29.01.2020, 15:09 by Valentina Cipriani, Laura Lorés-Motta

The data repository consists of four files of summary statistics from the two-cohort (Cambridge and EUGENDA) GWAS meta-analyses of FH and FHR-4 levels:

METAANALYSIS_FH_ALL-adjAMD.txt (tab-separated values file; size: 448Mb)

METAANALYSIS_FH_controls.txt (tab-separated values file; size: 448Mb)

METAANALYSIS_FHR4_ALL-adjAMD.txt (tab-separated values file; size: 432Mb)

METAANALYSIS_FHR4_controls.txt (tab-separated values file; size: 432Mb)

The single-cohort GWASs were carried out using EPACTS software available at http://genome.sph.umich.edu/wiki/EPACTS; effect size estimates and standard errors of single variants seen in both cohorts were subsequently combined in a fixed-effect meta-analysis using METAL software available at http://csg.sph.umich.edu/abecasis/metal/download/.

More details are provided in the Readme.pdf file.


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