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Validation of mouse model: qPCR and Western blots probing for Tor1a-torsinA

Model validation dataset associated with Pocratsky et al 2023, Science Translational Medicine

Data generated from postnatal day 18 littermate control (Cdx2::wt;Tor1a-wt/frt) and spinal Tor1a d-cko mice (Cdx2::FlpO;Tor1a-frt/frt) that develop early onset generalised torsional dystonia. Whole tissues were snap frozen and processed for expression of Tor1a and torsinA protein. Raw images of Western blots provided

Validation_qPCR.xlsx - dataset: Tor1a expression in brains and lumbar spinal cords

Validation_Westerns.xlsx - dataset: torsinA expression in brains and lumbar spinal cords

Western_metadata: details for attached images of blots

Full methodological detail provided in manuscript


Tuning spinal motoneurons for movement.

Wellcome Trust

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The contribution of spinal circuit dysfunction to movement disorganisation in dystonia

Beyond The Basal Ganglia: Spinal Circuit Dysfunction As A Final Pathway For Movement Disorganisation In Tor1a Dystonia

Medical Research Council

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