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ZMET investigation into the moral reasoning patterns of Extinction Rebellion Activists and the General Public: what does the trade-off between the sacred-sacred and sacred-secular values disclose about pro-environmental mindset?

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posted on 2023-02-06, 10:44 authored by Laura Zaikauskaite, Kalya W. Aung, Jaimie K.Y. Leung, Reka Olah, Paloma Romero-Salas, Despina Pantouli, Martina S. Tacconis

The data includes the iterviews from 24 activists (PA) and 24 non-activists (PN). The interviews were semi-structured. The study was conducted using Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation technique and thus each interview is accompanied by a corresponding set of images.

The data is accompanied by the experimental protocol (in word) and participant preparation template (in powerpoint).


BSc Summer Scholarships 2021 and BSc Summer Scholarships 2022.