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Zip file containing RAW format image files used to capture the Giant Handaxe. Files 552-662 (4/4)

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posted on 2023-06-28, 12:57 authored by Matthew PopeMatthew Pope, Letty IngreyLetty Ingrey

Images used in creation of Photogrammetry model 4 of 4

Multiple innovative digital techniques have been developed to study lithic artefacts (e.g.  Olson et al, 2014; Bennet, 2014; Caricola et al, 2018; Grosman et al, 2022 & 2011; García-Medrano et al 2023). Based on its flexibility and relative affordability, multi-image photogrammetry has become an increasingly useful analytical tool within archaeology (Magnani et al, 2020) with Close-Range Photogrammetry being used for lithic analysis (e.g. Caricola et al, 2018; Porter et al, 2016 & 2019; Collins et al, 2019; Bennet, 2021; Timbrell et al, 2022).

The imaging approach entails capturing a set of overlapping digital photographs of the subject which are processed with specialised software in order to produce 3D geometry.  

This dataset comprises part of the dataset of 662 images used to capture the artefact as a compresse zipfile. By downloading these images, along with those of the other three zopfiles, the images can be used to remodel the artefact.


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